The Effects Of A Nuclear Blast On The Human Body (Video)

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We recognize that a nuclear blast isn't the most lighthearted subject to begin the day with, but these are scary times, y'all. It's important, at the very least, to be prepared for the possibility. Just last weekend the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency sent out a ballistic missile threat that sent citizens into wild panic. As we know now, after 38 minutes, that warning was revoked, but the fear is still very real. Most of us can only conjure images of nuclear warfare from action movie and apocalyptic television shows — the reality is far scarier and the damage, unfortunately, would be irreparable. Not only to the earth, but to humans themselves. In the video below, created by Life Noggin they break down what that would look like.

Of course, the intent of this video was not necessarily to scare viewers, but to warn against the use of nuclear warfare. Naturally, the average person doesn't have control over who gets to push the button, but considering those who do have that power, perhaps this will trigger you to vote differently in the future. Just some food for thought! To really drive home that point, we went ahead and highlighted some of the more poignant results in the video:

Again, this is not intended to scare you guys! We just want to inform our readers that while a post apocalyptic world may seem intriguing in pop culture, it's not worth losing your life over. Here's hoping we never have to experience this nightmarish reality.

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