Nuclear Power Plant Holds A Bikini Contest To Hire New Intern, And Hm, Maybe Not Such A Solid Idea

Image Via Temelin Power Station

Am I against bikini contests? Hell no! If you want to shake your ass in a bikini on Spring Break or for a beauty pageant, by all means! Do you! I'll champion any woman who champions themselves, that's my mantra! However, the following story isn't exactly that. In fact, it crosses quite a few boundaries that I don't actually think you could get away with in The United States. Actually, ha! Who am I kidding?

According to Express—"The Temelin Power Station, in the Czech Republic, launched the competition to recruit young women based solely on their bikini bodies. Officials selected 10 female candidates and then organised a bizarre photoshoot in one of the station's cooling towers. The sexy shots were then posted online, with fans asked to vote for the hottest to get the internship job."

Okay, so basically, it wasn't just a bikini contest, but a hot body contest—MADE PUBLIC ON FACEBOOK. I just smacked myself in the forehead. So idiotic. If you're going to behave like a chauvinist pig, can't ya keep it to yourself? Would that be SO hard?!

Fortunately, it didn't actually culminate in a winner/job—"The bosses were forced to apologise and scrap the unique recruitment process after a social media backlash. Human rights lawyer Petra Havlikova said: 'The competition is absolutely outside the bounds of ethics."

I agree with Petra, 100%! Seriously! Also, can we just take a hot second to acknowledge that it seems really unsafe to walk around in nuclear power plant in a swimsuit? Shouldn't your delicate bits be sufficiently covered?

Lead Image Via Temelin Power Station

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