Two Men Take On Nuclear Ramen AKA The Spiciest Noodles In The World (Video)

Image Via YouTube/HellthyJunkFood

I don't know why people do this, I REALLY don't. My ability to eat spicy food extends to Cholula and that's about it. In fact, I'm not even sure if that counts.

Taste in food is subjective, I get that, but this just seems masochistic. It's torture by way of NUCLEAR RAMEN. That's another thing—eating something with the word NUCLEAR attached to it is pure insanity.

To be fair, this was very entertaining to watch and I give HellthyJunkFood props from deviating from their normal giant food making videos. Take a look and try not to vomit!



Okay that was INTENSE, poor JP!! I've never seen someone sweat so hard from FOOD—exercise, maybe. Sex, definitely, but never food!! 100/10 would not do this, 200/10 would not recommend anyone else doing this, but it seems plenty of others don't share in my sentiments.

I decided to take to the internet to find some reviews on Amazon of these dastardly noodles. Let's read, shall we?

"These limited edition samyang 2x noodles are alot hotter than the original but nothing major until you have to take a dump. I'd suggest drinking prune juice an hour or so after eating these so they can leave your body as soon as possible lol."

"i eat spicy foods and my mouth is numb wtf taste good but omg."

"Very spicy and sweet. It has an aggressive stinging spice, feels like you're chewing on a cactus. It has the same amount of sweetness as the original, maybe a little less."

"I can't even think about the 3-4 bites I took of these noodles. I live for spicy food, used to it from my childhood, but this noodles was a torture to my tummy and mouth. I don't even understand the point of making anything u eat this spicy coz in this case it was burning all the way it went. You cannot even enjoy it. Couldn't finish even a single pack, but I'll tell u the noodles were very flavorful."

Well there you have it, Fellas!

You can buy the Nuclear Ramen HERE should you be interested in wrecking your body and soul.

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