Oakland Raiders Punter Trolls Opponent Who Snitched On Him To Refs For Celebration Dance

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Oakland Raiders Marquette King isn't your prototypical punter.

In addition to his beastly frame—seriously, the guy's ripped—he also has a lot more of a personality than any of his other counterparts combined, routinely busting into celebration dances following a solid play, as seen here.



But, following a celebration during yesterday's game against the Buffalo Bills, King may have taken it too far, as he scooped up an official's yellow penalty flag and used it as a prop for his dance moves—earning him a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

So, how'd Marquette King get caught? Well, he offered up his theory late Sunday night after his team's win when he tweeted a photo of himself mid-dance with the flag, calling out the Buffalo Bills snitch.

Of course, Kind would have been punished regardless, but his tweet is just the latest way in which he's different than any other punter the NFL has ever seen. Hell, Marquette's such a good guy that he even apologized to the ref for using the yellow bean bag—what a guy.

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