Everything You Need To Know About Tattoo Regret, According To Study

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Being a completely blank canvas myself, I'm not particularly keen on what it means to regret a tattoo. I mean, I've certainly looked at other people's ink with regret, but I generally don't share such judgmental sentiments. I hear it's rude.

Anyway, given that regret is such a subjective emotion, I found it really interesting that the folks over at Casino.Org were able to quantify it with such an in-depth study. They opened with a brief description that most definitely clarified the aspects of regret they'd be focusing on, as there are many ways to shame one's self in this life, especially over permanent ink—"We surveyed over 360 people to find out about their deepest ink regrets. We learned about which types of tattoos are the most regretted, where they were done, how old respondents were when they had them done, and how much time they spent thinking about them before going under the needle. If you’re thinking about getting ink done but want to avoid these common pitfalls, continue reading to see what we discovered."

I went ahead and chose the areas of investigation that I found to be most interesting, but don't fret, I left the link the full study below.

What's My Age Again?

"Of those surveyed, nearly 38 percent were between the ages of 18 and 21 when they made their first bad ink decision. Considering the legal age for a tattoo in the U.S. is 18 (unless they have written consent from a parent or guardian for their woeful masterpiece), those who got inked within the first four years of being able to do so legally not only grew up, but grew to regret their tattoo over time."

What Could Go Wrong?

"Fewer men regretted having their lover’s name tattooed on them. Less than half, only 43 percent, admit it was a mistake."

Are You Sure That Says "Love" In Chinese?

"While other categories of tattoos made men and women the most remorseful (21 percent and over 18 percent, respectively), tribal tattoos and ink of someone's name were some of the most regrettable decisions of male and female survey participants (21 percent and more than 14 percent, respectively). Women also regretted animal themes (almost 13 percent), while men regretted tatting themselves up with a picture of someone's face or figure (nearly 16 percent)."

How Did The Seed Get Planted?

"Over 42 percent of survey participants told us the tattoo idea they ultimately regretted was just something they liked. From lotus flowers to tribal art, it’s hard to explain what draws us to a certain design or piece. And what you like when you’re 18 years old may not last as you get older. Just over 11 percent regretted a tattoo they picked from a wall or book in the tattoo parlor, and almost 11 percent regretted the idea they got from a friend."

My conclusion to all of this?? THINK BEFORE YOU INK.

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To see the full study, head HERE