Of Course 'The Simpsons' Accurately Predicted A Few Things About Super Bowl LI (Back In 2012)

Image via YouTube

Over the 28 seasons of the iconic TV Show The Simpsons, we've seen plenty of weird predictions from the writers/show that make us wonder if these people have lived in a time machine and traveled to and from the future back to the present.

No, seriously, the show has been right about a few things in the nearly three decades on air, including Donald Trump becoming President of the United States and a slew of other events that seem to be more than just pure coincidence.

Well, the show, once again, predicted something accurately last night.

After musician Lady Gaga's halftime performance at Super Bowl LI, a bunch of people around the Internet point out how, during a 2012 episode, The Simpsons predicted Gaga dropping in from wires during a performance.


OK, so this isn't quite as big as the Trump in to the Oval Office thing, but, still, it's impressive nevertheless.

More than just Gaga dropping in on wires, though, was how some Simpsons fans noted the drones forming the American flag behind her during the Super Bowl was eerily similar to the drones creating a cowboy hat behind her during the TV show.

And, while The Simpsons didn't quite predict the final score of Super Bowl LI—well, that we know of—it did give us a close game between Boston and Springfield during a previous episode, with Boston squeaking out a narrow victory.

With that, once again, The Simpsons has blown our minds!


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