Breaking: OJ Simpson Paroled—A Definitive Timeline Of His Crimes And Accusations

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Before we delve into this twisted whirlwind of a career rap sheet consisting of lies, violence, murder, and of course, gloves, I'd like to clarify that before getting into the writing game, I had big psychology dreams—specifically forensics. I'd say it was more of passion than anything else and I quickly discovered that having one on one time with serial killers and rapists wasn't going to be as easy as it looks in documentaries and Law and Order: SVU.

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Despite not pursuing my education further, the interest level remains the same. I'm a true crime junkie through and through! That's why every time I see a headline to the effect of, "OJ Simpson Up For Parole Blah Blah Blah", I lose my shit. I studied The OJ Simpson case a lot back in the day. I will argue until I'm blue in the face that he did in fact murder Nicole Brown AND Ron Goldman, in cold blood. Hell, I pretty much think OJ himself admitted it in his damn book, If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, but that's neither here nor there.

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Today isn't about just the murder, it's about the 4567890987654 things OJ has done wrong over the course of his life, COUPLED with the murder. I've gotta say, and I know it's awful, but had he just spent the rest of his days on the straight and narrow, I bet the people who let him off would have felt slightly more absolved of their guilt. Yes, I know, a two people lost her lives. It's HORRIBLE, but the fact he remained a career criminal for the rest of his days is a swift kick to the balls of the failed justice system. Of course, not everything he's been arrested and tried for holds the same weight as murder (because, face it, nothing does) but it speaks volumes to the fact that he has never and will never take the law seriously.

OJ's Legal History

Las Vegas Robbery

For those of you unaware OJ is currently up for parole for a crime committed back in 2007. As per ESPN

"Simpson was convicted for his part in a September 2007 crime in which he and several accomplices entered a Las Vegas hotel room and took hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from two men. One of the men with Simpson brandished a gun during the incident, and Simpson ordered no one could leave the room. Simpson said he was trying to retrieve items that belonged to him, including family photos, but the group left with many items that had nothing to do with Simpson. He was convicted in October 2008 on all 12 counts -- three counts of conspiracy; one count of burglary with use of a deadly weapon; and two counts each of kidnapping, robbery, assault and coercion, all with use of a deadly weapon."

For that crime Simpson received the maximum of 33-years in prison from Judge Jackie Glass on December, 2008. He is now up for parole on Thursday, which BOGGLES MY MIND, but hey! This is America, the legal system isn't always the most sound. Continuing from ESPN his parole hearing will be conducted as followed—

"Only four members of the seven-member Nevada parole board will be present at the public hearing in Carson City, which is where these four are based. They are Connie S. Bisbee (chairman), Tony Corda, Adam Endel and Susan Jackson. At the end of the hearing, they will deliberate in private, which is not expected to last more than 30 minutes. They will then return to the hearing room and vote in public."

The vote MUST be unanimous, if it's not, they will be forced to consult with two other members of the board. If he is denied parole, "a hearing date would be set by the panel for some time between one and three years later. Simpson's ultimate release date -- without parole or further infractions -- is currently set for September 2022, though it can fluctuate based on time earned." Simply put, the ONE thing an inmate must prove is that they've been REHABILITATED. OJ for no other reason than continuing to prove the opposite, should remain in jail for life. I recognize he is 70-years old, but age has little to do with being a danger to society.

Breaking Update:

According to CNN, and my eyesight as I live streamed the whole thing, as of today, Thursday, July 20, OJ Simpson is a free man:

"The decision was unanimous: Four out of four voted for release."

Don't you go worrying about his well-being either. OJ has been racking up some serious dough while in prison and surprisingly, he didn't do anything illegal to get it! According to ESPN

"O.J. Simpson might have made more than $600,000 during his eight-plus years in prison. After Simpson was granted parole on Thursday, that money is now his to spend and can't be touched by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman, who won a civil judgment against Simpson in February 1997 that, including interest, is now worth more than $40 million."

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