Sabrina Schuster Gives Tips On How To Survive OktoberFest (So Don't Let Her Down)

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No matter who you are, there's a good chance that beer is something you turn to in order to help quench your thirst and help you relax at the end of a day. After all, what's better than a cold, sudsy, tasty brew after a hard week of work? Very little.

Well, if that's the case, then this is the perfect time to be alive, with OktoberFest celebrations going on all over the world, allowing people to dress up, have fun and try a variety of beers to celebrate. But, let's not kid ourselves, because pulling an all-day drinkfest is not for the feint of heart, fellas.

That's why we talked to Sabrina Schuster, a gorgeous social media star who knows a thing or two about fall beer drinking and how to do OktoberFest right. Since we could all use some advice from a pretty lady, we're all ears to hear what Sabrina had to say — and, trust us, it'll save you from being the lame-ass bent over dry heaving because you drank too much, too early.

FHM: OktoberFest is one of the biggest drinking celebrations on the planet, what's your favorite part about the whole experience?

Sabrina Schuster: "My favorite part about OktoberFest, also called "Wiesn" in Bavaria, is the traditional part. Everyone dresses in the traditional Outfit — called "Tracht". Guys are wearing "Lederhosn" and girls are wearing the traditional dress — called a "Dirndl". I love to dress up and wear mine!"

FHM: Naturally, it's important to dress up and really get into the whole theme, right?

Sabrina Schuster: "Oh, yes! As I said earlier, it's very important to dress in "Tracht", otherwise you'll be recognized as a tourist real quick!"

FHM: OK, with the abundance of booze going around at OktoberFest, what's your tip on surviving and not passing out too early on?

Sabrina Schuster: "Never underestimate Bavarian beer, especially the one that's sold at OktoberFest. It's much stronger than normal beer and sold in 1 Liter mugs, which are called "Mass". You can also drink things like "Spezi" (Mix of Cola and Fanta) in between, just to save yourself from having too much beer. It's all about pacing yourself."

FHM: What's worse: Throwing up and having to go home early or getting so drunk that you're standing on tables and leading chants in the bar?

Sabrina Schuster: "Definitely throwing up and going home. Everyone is standing on the tables and singing traditional OktoberFest songs, so you won't stand out."

FHM: How about flirting at OktoberFest, is it something that any guy should even try?

Sabrina Schuster: "Yes, you should try. But here's a tip — Watch out for the bow on a girls' Dirndl (it's on the apron). If it's tied left, she's single. But if it's tied on the right sine, she's either married or in a relationship."

FHM: Any insider tips about OktoberFest that you think we should know about? What's your go-to food at OktoberFest?

Sabrina Schuster: "You should definitely try the traditional food they have, like the "Weisswurst" (a traditional Bavarian sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon). You should also go on the rides... but not if you've had too much beer."

Check out more from the lovely Sabrina Schuster by following her on Instagram and checking out some of her YouTube videos.

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