Older Men Aren't Always Chasing After Younger Women, So Says Research

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For years, as men and women get older, it has been assumed that most men turn a bit "dirty," chasing girls in their twenties around more than they do with ladies their own age. That comes from the notion that everyone would prefer to be someone like Hugh Hefner, who has literally made a living bedding girls who are more than half his age.

Well, while old men will, seemingly, always have a little soft spot for an attractive young lady, new research published in Evolutionary Psychology seems to squash that belief, finding that, as men age, yes, they do maintain an interest in younger females—but they're sexually interested in women their own age, too!

The research comes from dating preferences of over 2,600 adults, ages 18-50 in Finland, and also showed that women wanted slightly older sex partners.

The results lay to rest the long-time belief that older men were more attracted and more likely to try to land a younger woman—whether for egotistical reasons or otherwise—but does support the theory that they wide the age range of women they'd be with, whereas ladies tend to stick with men around their own age.

Even with men broadening their age range, however, it's rare for older men to actually have any sexual relations with younger women.

In hindsight, men, no matter the age, seem to be flirty with women of all ages. But, when it comes down to either hooking up, dating or marrying one, they seem to weigh heavily more towards those ladies born around the same time.


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