Olivia Culpo, Girlfriend Of Patriots’ WR Danny Amendola, Is Just One Super Bowl WAG We Adore

Before we get going on Olivia Culpo hot Instagram moments, we've got to get a little Super Bowl LII shop talk out the way. Sigh, we know, it's a real bummer to have an article be not only about sexy women, but football too! Shame on us. If you're really not a sports dude, no worries, just keep scrolling. For those of you who are pumped for February 4, 2018 — keep on reading! So, Danny Amendola, the wide receiver for The New England Patriots. Not only did the man score two touchdowns in last night's AFC Championship, he made the game-winning catch that sent The Pats to the Super Bowl. Basically, he's a big freakin' deal and is sure to continue to impress fans and the NFL alike. OK, all done talking about football. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Now onto to bigger and more beautiful things, shall we? This isn't the first time Olivia Culpo has popped up on our radar, we mean, come on, not only did she win the Miss Universe pageant back in 2012, she's a total stunner and not to brag or anything, but we're pretty well-versed on that subject. We will say however, that after last night, she's definitely one of our favorite WAGS right now and for that reason, we're going to go ahead and give her a well-deserved shout out.

It's really not difficult to see why we're crushing so hard on Olivia, but if that picture wasn't enough for y'all, we got you covered! Below you'll find a seriously kickass (and potentially heart-stopping) gallery of Olivia's finer Instagram moments. If you needed more convincing that Danny Amendola is one of the luckiest dudes on Earth, hell, these snaps make a seriously convincing case.

For more sexy pictures of Olivia Culpo, keep scrolling!