Olivia Munn Posts Rare Bikni Pics And Hot Damn, She's A Total Babe

It's not that we forgot Olivia Munn is easily one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, it's just that, well, yeah, no, we did forget....

We're sorry! We have a short attention span and frankly, Munn's lack of half-naked pics on Instagram, albeit refreshing, makes it difficult for us to keep up with her and not The Kardashians.

That being said, we're very pleased to announce that Olivia took to IG not so long ago to post some delectable bikini pics from her Memorial Day Weekend celebrations. Best part? No Aaron Rodgers in sight—it looks like she's remaining single and ready to mingle. Of course not ready to mingle with us non-famous folk, but hey! You never know what can happen in this life. If Scott Disick can snag Kourtney, Bella Throne, and various super models, there's hope for average-looking, social climbing, d-bags everywhere.

That's the thing about Munn though, she's not like a lot of the entertainers we see nowadays. She seems to remain incredibly humble, grounded, and reserved which we really respect. We may not constantly seek out news on Olivia Munn, but we've gotta say, when she does come onto the scene, it's worth the wait!! Take a look for yourselves and enjoy!

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