The Amount Of Days Guys Wait To Clean Their Bedsheets After A One-Night Stand Is Filthy

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You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand why most men enjoy a good one night stand. It doesn't involve much commitment outside of, well, one night, and it gives a guy confidence that he still has the charm and ability to meet and invite a woman to trust him for the said night. To be blunt, it's an absolute ego stroker.

As great as a one-night stand is, though, we all know that it can lead to some interesting dilemmas in the aftermath. From clingy ladies to drama about the two people involved, among other things, both men and women need to be careful about who they're allowing into their bed for a quick hit.


And, for those guys who often partake in the activity, new research just came out that, if a lady ever knew, would be a serious road block in having more of them. That's because, a study conducted by Mattress Advisor, found the habits of men and their bedsheet-cleaning routine and, well, it's pretty filthy following an overnight hook-up.

According to the research, men are quite keen on washing their bedsheets prior to a one-night stand, with 43 percent of guys making sure they have fresh sheets when there's a possibility of one going down and 48.6 percent of men changing their sheets when one is guaranteed — but, wow, after the sex is a different story. Just look at the results in the charts below.

See anything that grosses you out? How about the fact that men wait an astonishingly gross 18 days after a one-night stand has occurred to wash their bedsheets? Look, we're probably all guilty of doing that a few times, but that it's the norm is nasty, gents. This is compared to women waiting just two days to clean their sheets after one, so, yeah, we've got some ground to make up, fellas.

On a, somewhat, more positive note, at least the study showed that men "only" wait 11 days to clean their bedsheets that have been soiled from some sort of sexual activity — with ladies doing so four days following the hookup — so men have that going for them. But, gentlemen, we need to do better here.

Considering the results span a couple weekends, it probably means guys have had another one-night stand in-between, which makes this that much gnarlier. Why would anyone want to sleep in sex-stained filth? We don't know, but, no matter how much of a pain in the ass washing bedsheets really is, let's hope the study makes men be a bit better about this.

You can see the full study results by heading over to Mattress Advisor.

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