One Night Stands: The Struggle Is VERY Real (Video)

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If you're not aware of the YouTube channel Casually Explained, I've gotta say—you're SERIOUSLY missing out, especially if you're a fan of a more dry, cerebral type of humor (me, exactly). It's a bit of The Office meets

This week they decided to a cover a topic that a lot of people have experience with, the infamous and often scary...one night stand.

Generally the only people who have negative opinions on one night stands are the people who haven't had one. Not trying to be an ass, but it's true. It's pretty easy to throw stones when you yourself have never made the ill-advised (usually drunken) decision to take someone you barely know home, do the most intimate thing two people can do, and then never, ever speak to them again.

I mean, personally speaking, is the concept my favorite sexual practice? No, not in the least. I don't think there's too many people out there saying, "Ah that one night stand was the best sex of my life." Why? Because if it was that good, you'd most likely call them again, no? I mean unless it was a vacation-fling type thing, or maybe they didn't feel the same way...which is actually kind of sad. Are all one night stands mutual? I doubt it! Shout out to those rejected souls out there, I see you!

But really, I'm a firm believer that sex is most enjoyable when you at least know the basics about the other person. Like as a rule, know their name and favorite color, maybe even what they do for a living if you're feeling really inquisitive. I jest, I jest. What I mean to say is, it's been proven on more than one occasion that sex is best when there's an emotional connection—then again, maybe you can have an emotional connection for just one night.

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