From Hookups To Finding True Love, Singles Reveal Why They Use Dating Apps (Per Survey)

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It seems that no matter how much times passes, online dating continues to be at the forefront of the conversation. Why is that? Aren't singles sick of having to resort to an endless number of apps just to meet someone they may (or may not) click with? Well, as it turns out, yes they are! Online dating isn't quite as prevalent as you'd think! At least not according to this survey from ReportLinker. According to 501 online respondents representative of the US population, mentioning they are singles, widowed or divorced, online dating may just be on the outs, and frankly, we don't mind one bit!

This isn't to say that people aren't still using dating apps, because they are! The pivot comes from their attitude toward dating apps. It seems that whereas singles were once hopeful that new tech could find them love, they have now become hesitant or, dare we say it, resentful! If you're feeling the same way, don't be discouraged!

The infographics below will hopefully allow other singles to gauge how their peers are looking for relationships. Gone are the days of Tinder reigning supreme! Sit back, relax, and learn a thing or two about dating. In the end, dating is like anything else. The more knowledge you are on the subject, the more successful you'll be!

Are You Registered?

Surprised to see how low that percentage is? Same here! It could just mean that a lot of these online dating services like eHarmony and Match.com inflate their member numbers. Additionally, the survey cites that more than half of US single adults say they view the services negatively, and women especially are more likely to be skeptical about using dating apps. That could definitely account for the disparity.

What's Your Attitude Toward Online Dating?

As mentioned above, over half the participants answered negatively. We wonder which apps specifically turned them off to online dating altogether. If we had to guess, we'd go with Tinder. Once an app is known exclusively as a "hookup" app, people stop taking it seriously — at least as far as romance is involved.

What's The Main Drawback Of Online Dating?

These drawbacks aren't all too surprising! It's way too easy to misrepresent who you are on these apps. We know that most people should be wise to "catfishing" by now, but still, you can't tell by an initial match if the person is real or not and that's scary stuff! Until you really get to know someone, everything is based off a couple of pictures!

How Else Can You Find Love?

If dating apps aren't your thing, don't be discouraged! Singles seem just as eager to meet prospective dates in public as they do online — if not more so. The survey cites that respondents most frequently mentioned being introduced by friends (58% of mentions). Bars, coffee shops and other public areas were the next, with 37% of mentions, followed by the workplace and events or hobbies (each were mentioned 27% of the time). Single men were more likely to mention looking for love at sporting or religious events (33% of mentions), while young Millennials are more likely to turn to their friends for help (63% of mentions).

What Are You Looking For In A Relationship?

Surprisingly enough, finding love was the main reason people frequented dating apps. How refreshing! This was followed by meeting new friends (41% of mentions) and hookups (34% of mentions). Only 34% being for hookups is definitely a shocking statistic — as the reputation of online dating has definitely been tainted by that nation.

To read the full survey, head on over to ReportLinker.

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