Over Half The Users On 'AdultFriendFinder' Are Willing To Hookup Within A Few Hours (So, Go Join Now)

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As of Thursday, March 30, 2017, I'm going to safely assume that the term, "hooking up" is synonymous with sex. A couple of years ago, in my youthful naivete, I would have maybe guessed it meant making out or an over-the-pants hand job. I know better now.

With that semi-embarrassing anecdote out of the way, we can get to the good stuff. Nowadays, hooking up is a pretty popular cultural/millennial phenomenon. It's sex without strings, but actually, not just the Hollywood bullsh*t version of that concept.

People are able to satisfy their carnal needs without having to think about wedding china. This is only really made possible by online dating. I don't think it would too appropriate to walk up to someone in a coffee shop and say, "Wanna f*ck?" I mean, I guess you could, but I get the douche chills just thinking about an encounter like that.

There are an ENDLESS amount of online sites and apps circulating the hookup-sphere. Honestly, I don't know how people filter through all of them to figure out which suits them best!

Thankfully, AskMen when ahead and did some solid legwork and came across the mecca of hookup sites, AdultFriendFinder. Don't be fooled by the word, "friend." Rest assured it's meant in the dirty sense, not in the let's-go-grab-wings-and-beer-way.

"We surveyed 8,776 users on the site (men, women and trans people; hetero and homosexual couples, as well as groups) from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Germany to get insights into what it’s like to arrange a hookup — and what exactly goes down when they do."

In the continued spirit of informative, AskMen, created these charts to help readers understand exactly what's going on with AdultFriendFinder. They asked three key questions:

How many hookups have you had since joining the site?

Alright, so the people still "getting their feet wet" is about neck and neck with the "more than 1, less than 10" folks, but still, that's pretty encouraging! The next question yields some pretty convincing results:

What's the quickest you would sleep with someone you met on the site?

59 percent within a few hours?! Talk about skipping straight to the point! Even the 17% within a day is a bit shocking, or maybe it's not! Again, this is the nature of hookup culture. People want gratification quickly. Properly courting a date is for old people, or is it?

If you're both just there for sex, does a typical meetup involve an actual date?

So, you may have to actually buy some dinner and have a few drinks before heading into the bedroom, but that's not so bad! Ultimately, with AdultFriendFinder, both parties are aware that the encounter is about casual, consenting sex. The "date" portion is merely a formality.


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