5 Necessities For Men To Binge Eat This Thanksgiving

Overeating on Thanksgiving is as much a part of the holiday tradition as the turkey! What can we say, that's America! We love to take sh*t that isn't ours (namely land) and stuff our faces. To those people who consider it indulgent (or even disgusting) we say, you're right — but, we don't care! Thanksgiving comes but once a year and it's important to do it up right!

Problem is, binge-eating isn't as easy as it looks. We know all of you Europeans think we must walk around dripping bacon fat and Type 2 Diabetes, but a las, that's not the case. Americans are just as obsessed with the same health-craze-kale-snorting BS that most cultures are interested in. It's only on the holidays that we choose to completely ignore everything we know about health and fitness and become garbage people.

For all the binge-eating necessities you'll need this Thanksgiving, keep on scrolling!