We've Decided That Whoever Chose The 2017 Oxford Dictionary 'Word Of The Year' Was Sh*tfaced

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As writers, we understand the evolution of language better than anyone, but, c'mon now! The Oxford Dictionary "Word of the Year" for 2017 has got to be a joke, right? We aren't the only ones who agree that no one, and we mean, NO ONE, has ever used this freakin' word in the history of spoken (or written) language. We get that Dictionaries are pretty antiquated and all that, but we suspect whoever came up with this one was under the influence, or, at the very least, was trying to impress the millennial demographic. Bad news, Oxford, you failed — hard!

Without further adieu, folks, we present to you the 2017 Oxford Dictionary "Word of the Year":

Yes, you read that correctly...the word of the year is "Youthquake". We're going to let you guys ponder that for a second — OK, we're back. According to Oxford Dictionary , Youthquake is defined as a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people. Alright, we get it, but, still, no one has ever used that word! You can't just make Youthquake happen because you want to be hip. You're a F'in dictionary, you will never be hip.

Then again, looking back we really shouldn't be surprised. This isn't the first year Oxford has gone completely haywire when choosing their "Word of the Year". In 2014, their word of the year was "vape" and honestly, we can't think of a single thing more deplorable than those asshats who walk around blowing strawberry smoke from pens.

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