Pablo Escobar Made So Much Money On A Kilo Of Cocaine That It Makes Your Annual Salary Look Pathetic

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One of the most fascinating people in history is Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar, who went from the slums of Medellin to the most successful and prominent drug distributor on the planet, making so much money that no one knows for sure what his net worth actually was.

Having been ranked on Forbes' richest people in the world list seven years in a row from 1987 on, Escobar peaked as high as No. 7, with legendary stories about how he had to bury his illegal money often told. With that type of coin, the guy had to be bringing in some serious cash from cocaine, right? Absolutely!

According to the author of the book Pablo Escobar, Beyond Narcos, Shaun Attwood, when El Patron was first getting his start in the cocaine business, he met with coca paste suppliers in Peru who were selling it for a measly $60 per kilo. Seeing an opportunity to smuggle into the United States, Escobar figured that the same kilo of coke would sell for $60,000 in the U.S., meaning, hell yeah, he was about to set up an operation.

Here's how Attwood described it in his book, per Unilad:

"To outsmart the authorities, his methods of transportation varied. He invested in submarines, commissioning his brother, Roberto, to manufacture them with the help of foreign engineers."

I'm not trying to encourage any of you to try and become the next Pablo Escobar, but, my goodness, raking in $60K on a kilo of cocaine is just nutty. Seriously, that's a solid salary for an entire year, let alone a simple sale—albeit, illegal.

The price for a kilo has gone down to about $1,500 today, further proving why Escobar was the pioneer in the cocaine scene back in the day.

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