Pablo Escobar's Son Revealed Growing Up Was 'Like Living In Disneyland,' Talked About Having A Drug Lord As A Dad

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The name Pablo Escobar has long been associated with three things: drugs, money and murder. Routinely named to Forbes magazine's "Richest People in the World" list—where he ranked as high as No. 7 in 1989—the Colombian drug kingpin had so much money from setting the market for cocaine in America that he literally had to bury it in fields in his native country. With that type of cash, it's only natural that Escobar could give his family anything and everything they ever wanted.

Though Pablo was a ruthless murderer who let his emotions take down an entire country's government, whilst he manipulated the political system as he played "Robin Hood" to the poorer people in the slums of Medellín, he was an extremely loyal father and husband.

Talking to DailyMail, Pablo Escobar's eldest son, Juan Pablo Escobar, described exactly what it was like growing up with so much money, as well as being the son of, arguably, the most deadly man on the planet.

'It was like living in Disneyland. Giraffe's, elephants, motorcycles, a lot of things to do and a lot of money to spend,' Juan Pablo told "60 Minutes."

'I was willing to give my life for him.

'There's no chance I could hate my father... because I did not know exactly what he does (sic).'

Pablo Escobar, who went from a life of poverty in Medellin to making as much as $60,000 on a kilo of cocaine in the U.S., definitely didn't hide his luxurious lifestyle. It was how he earned such wealth that the younger Escobar, Juan Pablo, had trouble with, per 60 Minutes.


Now an architect in Argentina, Juan Pablo Escobar—who, in a fit of rage following his father's death, told the media he would continue his father's crime and work, per DailyMail, says he's speaking out about his father now following the popular Netflix series "Narcos", which, Juan Pablo says, has brought further attention to his dad.

He says even though he doesn't agree with his father's life of crime, he will always defend him as a bad parent.

'I am not hiding because I don’t want to hide, I didn’t kill anybody I didn’t do any harm to anybody,' Mr Escobar said.

'I am not proud of his violence but I am proud of his love for me, to me and to my mother and sister.

'He did some things that make you love him and some things that make you hate him. That’s my father.'

Pablo Escobar was a martyr and a drug-trafficking pioneer who, singlehandedly, helped divide an entire nation. However, it's interesting to hear what it was like being his son amidst all the violence.

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