Pablo Escobar's Son Rips 'Narcos' For Making A Bunch Of 'Insulting' Mistakes

Image via YouTube

There are hundreds of interesting stories about the life of legendary Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar—including how much money he made on a sale of a kilo of cocaine—but his real-life son, Sebastian Marroquin, thinks that the TV show Narcos did an injustice to his dad with their reenactment of Escobar in the popular Netflix series.

In a Facebook post, Sebastian actually listed 28 inaccuracies that the show depicted in the two-season series, calling out writers for blatant lies.

It's important to remember that the show isn't meant to be a documentary, but a story based on actual events/history. Still, when writers miss simple things like Escobar's favorite soccer team and Pablo's overdramatized escape from La Catedral, it has to be a little unsettling for a son to see.

H/T The Telegraph