Paige VanZant Shares Pic Of A Nasty Gash On Her Foot That May Lead To Some Dry Heaving

Image via Instagram

It's pretty hard to believe that we don't talk more about UFC fighter Paige VanZant, because, in addition to her being a total badass who isn't afraid to get dirty — or, most likely, bloody —inside of the Octagon, she's also quite the looker!

That said, as much as we're developing a little crush on her, Paige took to Instagram the other day to post a photo of something that nearly made us vomit everywhere — and, typically speaking, it takes a hell of a lot for that to happen.

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We're not sure what happened to her, but, well, here's the pic that VanZant tossed up (Warning: It's a bit graphic, even for those with a strong stomach).

Our current reaction:


Preparing for her (rumored) next fight against Jessica Eye at the upcoming UFC 216 on Sat., October 7, we can only imagine that Paige VanZant did something during training. That said, she doesn't really help solve the mystery, either, only captioning the photo with a simple, "Well damn."

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Anyway, let's think about how something like this might happen, because, outside of the dry-heaving going on over here, it leads to some thoughts.

We haven't seen Paige VanZant inside the Octagon since her loss to Michelle Waterson in the first round during an event this past December, where she was choked out. Given the potential seriousness of this injury, who knows when we'll see her again next? Regardless, Paige, can you please not share these types of things anymore? Thanks.

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