Pamela Anderson Transcends Age As She Steps Out In New (Sexy AF) Lingerie Campaign

Pamela Anderson has been turning boys into men since the early 90s and it doesn't seem as if she plans on slowing down any time soon. After getting a glimpse at her latest lingerie campaign with Coco de Mer London you guys will have no choice but to agree with us.

For your viewing pleasure, we have pulled some of the highlights from her campaign below and yep, if you don't have any plans for the evening, consider yourself set. Pamela is a true sex symbol through and through and even at 50 years old she manages to leave us short of breathe. Need proof? Keep on keeping on, friends.

See what we're saying? Pamela Anderson continues to slay with reckless abandon and we cannot wait for the future of her lingerie escapades or otherwise. She continues to transcend age and confirm the notion that no matter how "old" you might be, you can continue to ooze sex appeal like no other.

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