Truck Carrying 9,000 Gallons Of Oil Hits Panda Express, Employee Captures Terrifying Footage

Image Via Facebook/KTLA 5 News

It's unfortunately commonplace nowadays to see tragedy in the media at every turn. Of course, a great deal of that tragedy is perpetuated by terrorist organizations, but every so often a senseless accident occurs rendering innocent lives changed forever, or even worse—lost.

According to Eater—"A massive, extremely dangerous explosion occurred next to a Panda Express location in Northern California yesterday morning, killing one. A Panda Express employee, while fleeing the fiery scene, captured the ballooning clouds of black smoke on video which local news station KTLA posted to Facebook. Employees can be seen running away from the restaurant as the fire grows; the sound of explosions continues throughout the video."


As you can see in the footage below, the scene was that or terror and chaos. It has been confirmed that while no Panda Express employees were harmed, the accident did result in one fatality (the driver). The video below is sensitive in nature so please be aware of that before watching—



A manager of The Panda Express, Metta Xiong, relayed to the local ABC news— "You could hear the tanker hit and the cars just exploding one after another." Additionally, the city is investigating further to ensure that none of the oil leaked into nearby drains. If that were the case it could contaminate the city's water, resulting in further tragedy. The smoke could be seen up to 8-miles away and nearly 200 residents had to be evacuated.

I think we can all agree that now, more than ever, it's important to be as alert as humanly possible when leaving the house. That's not to say you should live in fear, but just generally be prepared for the sudden nature that chaos can strike.

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