Parents Smoke Weed With Their Kids For The First Time And It Goes As Well As You Fighting Conor McGregor

Image via YouTube

There's no better way to waste a cold and rainy day better than smoking some weed and lounging around on the couch, is there? OK, that may or may not be your ideal move—either way, no judgement—but it can be a way for some people to take their minds off of things, open up about stuff and just relax.

And, while anyone who smokes pot usually does it with a friend, a new video from WatchCut Video's YouTube decided to go a different route, seeing millennials toke up with their parents—who were doing it for the very first time.


This is pure, friggin' gold, guys!

Forget all the coughing, overall awkwardness and the tear-jerking moments between the kids and their parents, and let's just focus on the fact that one dude got so ripped that he actually barfed into a bucket.

There are bad trips, good trips and then times when you're lucky a spare bucket's around so that, just in case you need to hurl, you can do so without completely embarrassing yourself. Something tells me ol' dad won't become a regular stoner anytime soon.


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