Paris Hilton Drops A New Line Of Lingerie And Lucky For Us, She's The Model

It was pretty difficult not to use any variation of the word, "hot" in the headline, because believe me, that's exactly what these new pics are!! However, we were trying to give Paris Hilton a break from her catch-phrased past.

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That being said, she looks STRAIGHT FIRE modeling lingerie for her namesake company and being the lovely heiress that she is, she made sure to share those photos with 7.2 million Instagram followers mere hours ago! Yes, we really keep on top of the latest and greatest in beautiful women. Ya'll are WEL-COME.

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Personally speaking, I've always had a soft spot for Ms. Hilton. She's unapologetically herself and that's a rare commodity nowadays. Even when she was starring on reality TV show after TV reality show, I had no doubt that THAT was Paris Hilton—THAT'S how she really behave and well, that's hot. Sorry, had to do it.

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Even if she's fallen somewhat from grace, not being as famous as she once was. I think it's safe to say that's she become somewhat of a cult classic in the realm of socialites and Hollywood rich girls. I mean, there would be no Kim Kardashian without Paris Hilton. That's just fact. Don't believe?! Hang on, let me whip out this game for you guys right quick!


See what I mean? Taught her everything she knows and then some. Anyway, enough about the past, let us focus on the future—and the future is bright, fellas! Real bright! And these photos of Paris prove it. Enjoy!

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