Is This Insane Parkour Obstacle Course Actually The 10th Circle Of Hell?

Image Via YouTube/AndriRagettli

My idea of exercise consists of two things — walking to the fridge to retrieve food and then walking back to the fridge to put it away. This whole parkour obstacle course thing would be a death sentence for me. I've fallen down in the shower...sober! Now you want me to balance on a bouncy ball as a means of working out?! F*ck outta here!

I do have a huge amount of respect for those who choose to live this particular lifestyle, though. You guys are the real MVPs. One such MVP is 19-year-old skier, Andri Ragettli, who posted this Satanic video to YouTube and Instagram. Go ahed and watch parts 1&2, let me know what you think! If you're rolling you're eyes thinking this girl is out of shape, lazy, and dramatic — well, you aren't wrong.



Pretty freakin' intense, huh? I've seen obstacle courses designed for rats that are less intense and they're basically better, smarter versions of humans! Again, kudos to Andri — then again, he's 19. At 19, I could drink a beer, run a mile, and write a college paper at the same time. Nowadays I get sleepy watching commercials for Lunesta. Ah, the youth really is wasted on the young.


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