Passengers On A Southwest Flight Received A Funny Message After Drinking All The Booze On The Plane

Image via YouTube

I'm not much for getting sloshed before or during a flight, but for those who appreciate those mini whisky and vodka bottles while 30,000 feet in the air, you're going to appreciate this story.

According to SFist, a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Kansas City carrying a bunch of Oakland Raiders fans managed to completely raid the mini bar on the plane. Seriously, there wasn't a drop of alcohol that went undrunk during the three hour and 20 minute flight.

The feat was so impressive, that the captain of the plane even had to acknowledge it, going onto the PA system to congratulate the passengers on a job well done.

Here's what sports writer Jimmy Durkin, a passenger on the flight, tweeted.

The Raiders played the AFC West rival Kansas City Chiefs last week, so these Raiders fans were just getting a head start on the festivities. Unfortunately, the drunken joy turned sour, as the Chiefs beat the Raiders—so I'd really hate to be on the flight back to Oakland among all those salty Raiders fans.

Nevertheless, when an entire plane runs out of booze, that should be considered a victory.


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