Patrizia Yanguela Tells Us Exactly What Men Need To Do To Have More Success With Ladies

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You know, although it might be tough to believe, we've got a pretty tough job. But when we have the chance to interview incredibly talented and gorgeous women like Swiss model Patrizia Yanguela, it makes all the long, hard hours well worth it.

Tearing up Instagram and having a 2018 calendar in the works, Patrizia has amassed over 1.3 million followers thanks to her incredibly sexy pictures, making us wonder if she really is the perfect woman? In addition to all those pics, though, Yanguela is diehard into fitness, too — which makes sense since, you know, she gets paid to look so good for a living.

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Well, when we got hit up for the chance to sit down with Patrizia to ask her a few questions, we jumped at the opportunity, asking her as much as we could in our short time together — which included plenty of tips on how to maybe score a woman as hot, hot, hot as she is!

FHM: First, Thing’s First: How’s It Feel Being One Of The Most Popular Models On The Planet?

Patrizia Yanguela: "I am a very down to earth person so I just feel normal and I love to be my authentic self on my Instagram. I love that people are enticed with what I do and appreciate my loyal fans for loving it too and following me."

FHM: When You’re Into A Guy, Are You Subtle, Or Do You Become Giddy And Let It Be Known?

Patrizia Yanguela: "I'm actually very shy so I am very subtle and love to hear about their lives, first and foremost."

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FHM: Let’s Talk Pillow Talk. Guys Are Dying To hear What It’s Like To Be In Bed With Patrizia Yanguela.

Patrizia Yanguela: (laughs) "Yes, I guess... I think it's a once in a lifetime experience."

FHM: And, Naturally, The Morning Always Includes Homemade Breakfast In Bed For You, Right?

Patrizia Yanguela: "No, not really... I am all about getting out of bed as soon as my eyes are open. However, if a guy were to do that for me, I'd be more than happy to eat in bed and would definitely enjoy it!"

FHM: Speaking Of, You're Known For Being A Fitness Model, So What's Your Typical Meal And/Or Day Look Like?

Patrizia Yanguela: "In the morning, I have a rye bread with some turkey breast with some tomatoes. On the flip, sometimes I start my mornings with some eggs."

FHM: Are You Watching Your Intake Like Crazy, Or Using It As Fuel When Hitting The Gym?

Patrizia Yanguela: "That is definitely something that I used to do - at the moment I am training hard and just eating healthy, which seems to be working for me!

FHM: What's The One Thing At The Gym That You Absolutely Need To Get Through The Grueling Workout?

Patrizia Yanguela: Oh my god, I would definitely have to say walking lunges with weights; they kill me every time!"

FHM: Any Advice For Guys Hoping To Meet Women At The Gym?

Patrizia Yanguela: "Just approach us and don't think about it too much. There's a reason we look cute at the gym, for you guys!"

FHM: What About The Hottest Thing A Guy Can Say And/Or Do For His Woman? Any Tips?

Patrizia Yanguela: "I think the hottest thing is probably when they are almost speechless or say something really sincere. Women appreciate that!"

FHM: We Have To Ask: What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment — You Know, Just So Guys Know You're Human.

Patrizia Yanguela: "I was late for work one morning and I jumped on the bus and, the next moment, I realized people started laughing at me... because my pants and shirt were inside out. I started laughing, too, but it was pretty embarrassing."

FHM: What Should We Expect From You Next?

Patrizia Yanguela: "I have a calendar releasing in 2018, so look out!"

Rapid Fire, Ready?

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