Paulina Gretzky, Daughter Of NHL Legend Wayne Gretzky Has An Instagram So Freakin' Hot It Could Melt Ice

While we have covered Paulina Gretzky once in the past, we haven't exactly done our due diligence in properly introducing you to this bona fide babely WAG and daughter of absolute hockey legend. If there's one live we absolutely love here at FHM it's combing our two favorite subjects — athletics and beautiful women!


For those of you who aren't too keen on ice hockey, let us school you a little bit. Wayne Gretzky dominated the NHL from 1979 to 1999 — playing for 20 seasons on 4 different teams, he has unanimously been dubbed, "The Great One" and to perfectly sum it up, he's quite possibly the best hockey player the world has ever seen.

Having such an immense respect for his talent on the ice may make the following sentence seem a little, er, off but it has to be said — Wayne Gretzy's greatest accomplishment is his daughter, Paulina. Boy, oh boy is she stunning! We've talked about hot celebrity daughters in the past, but with Paulina's link to sports, as mentioned earlier, we're getting the best of both worlds — like all of the times women made sports the sexiest thing ever.


With 642k Instagram followers, Paulina has done quite well for herself. At the age of 28, she's already a mother of THREE — with that body?! Can you believe it! She's also married to professional golfer, Dustin Johnson. Looks like professional athletes are her people! We can't blame her.

Although, to be fair, golf isn't exactly as riveting as ice hockey! Sure, you've got your occasional mind blowing trick shot, but as far as entertainment value is concerned hockey takes the cake! You know what? Nevermind! You know what takes the cake? These stunning pictures of Paulina Gretzky below!

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