People Shared Horrific Freshman Roommate Stories And The One About The Guy Naked Under A Blanket Is My Nightmare

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Remember when you had that uncontrollable excitement before heading off into the great unknown, otherwise known as freshman year of college? Yeah, those were the days. But while packing up your stuff and finally getting out of your small town was awesome, there was one little thing that was left to be determined—who your roommate would be.

And while I was lucky enough to have an A+ roomy for my first year of college, some people weren't so lucky. Those people took to Reddit to share their freshman roommate stories—and they're about as painful an experience as you could ever imagine.

  1. Left for class but it got canceled and when I came back in the room my room mate was in my video game chair watching lifetime with 1/4 of night time cold medicine next to him and my camp blanket up around his neck... Conversation followed: Me: you naked under my blanket...? Him: yeah man... Me: beatin off to lifetime high on cold meds? Him: yeah man... Me: I'll be back in 10 minutes don't be here.. Him: yeah man..

  2. She was disgusting and a total slob and wouldn't let me clean her side of the room. It was always super cluttered with shit everywhere. Our room had a gross smell all the time because of her, so I finally broke down and decided to let her be mad at me, and cleaned everything. I found cups, like 5 or 6, of partially drank spoiled, rotten, curdled chocolate milk...plates of partially eaten moldy food...it was horrible. She got so pissed off that I cleaned it that she ended up moving in with another girl. I wasn't upset about it... She'd also have loud crazy sex at any and all hours of the night, wouldn't lock our door and I ended up getting some items stolen...it was a mess.

  3. He was leaving dirty plates in his bed, covered with his sheets. When he was going to sleep, he just kicked the plates and didn't bother to clean them.

  4. She got kicked out for failing, and the night before she left she got super drunk, threw up everywhere and left me to clean it up.

  5. I was friends with a girl a year behind me, her freshman year she was randomly matched with a girl who: Was convinced she was in a relationship with the lead singer of Tokyo Hotel, and had been for several years, but it was obviously some catfisher on the internet. They would skype where only he could see her, his video would be blank for 'security reasons' and he told her they could never meet in person because of the media. And since he was always 'on tour' she would skype with him at all hours of the night to make up for the time zone differences. It was actually kinda sad/scary, several people i know tried to explain to her that she was being taken advantage of, but she could/would not listen, pretty sure she did stuff on camera for him and sent him money. Brought multiple bags from home stuffed full of her cats hair, and knitted tiny clothes/figurines/whatever out of it. My friend was of course very allergic to cat hair.

  6. The very first weekend of my Freshman year in college, my roommate comes back from a party at like 2 AM or whatever, and proceeds to vomit on my fucking desk, which did contain my laptop computer on it... Jay, I know you use Reddit. If you're reading this, fuck you.

  7. My roommate had no sleep schedule. He also chewed loudly, played the bass, and watched anime without headphones. At the same time. At 3 am.

  8. My freshman roommate lost her virginity the night before move-in to her much older, very creepy, unemployed ("musician") boyfriend. In the hotel room that she was sharing with her mom and little sister, who were in the bed next to them. This guy basically lived with us on weekends. I had to always change in the dark because a strange creepy dude was lying there, usually butt naked. They had a lot of gross sex. She decided it would be funny to pants me during a four AM fire drill in front of the entire dorm, which was co-ed. I don't wear underwear to sleep... she failed to see how this wasn't hilarious. There were a million other things, but those stick out the most.

  9. He had a gf that didn't attend our university that would stay the entire weekend. They stayed in bed, lights out, ordered delivery, wouldn't leave. At one point I woke up and there was a baby in our room (they were babysitting). A fucking baby.

You can read the entire Reddit thread here, which will just remind you how much freshman year of college totally sucked.