People Shared The Most Common Mistakes Women Make In Bed And These Are Too F'ing Hilarious

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Sorry, guys, but we don't have everything figured out when it comes to sex—as much as we all think that we do. But because we all believe we're all regular Casanova's in the sack, some people took to Reddit to give their hilarious opinions about the most common mistake women make while hooking up—and they're going to have you cracking up.

  • For the love of all that is holy, please, don't use your teeth.

  • Not being enthusiastic! I'm a lady, and I know for a fact that nothing gets a dick harder than some authentic enthusiasm. Show him that you're into it. Show him that you want him. Because hot damn burndt jamb.

  • If It sounds like I'm really enjoying that BJ, don't stop to talk dirty. Before too long you will get tired and loose enthusiasm. This bums me out. I want to show my appreciation for your effort by coming quick so you aren't down there all day.

  • Poor hygiene or grooming. You don't have to shave it but it shouldn't be a forest down there.

  • Don't get stuck with one motion while you suck, then it is too obvious that you do it just for me. Enjoy the penis, lick it, suck it, hell, even kiss it, just make me believe that you suck it because you are so in love with my penis. Also, tell me what you need me to do if you don't like what I'm doing, because, well... I can't read fucking minds, but I will usually figure out what you like in the end. Obviously, DON'T use teeth. Please, tease me. I might say that I want to go inside you almost right away, but in truth, if you tease me for five minutes or more, I'll be a fucking firecracker in the bed. Remember that, even though most of the men focus so much on pleasing the girl, you should do it as well, make an effort, like most men has done for ages. Lastly, don't overdo it. We've seen enough porn to know when you are faking it too much.

  • But for god's sake, do not over do it. There's line between authentic and "porn."

  • You're squeezing too hard.

  • The most common mistake is that they aren't in my bed.

Since we here at FHM really care for your sexual well-being, you can check out the entire Reddit thread here, so you can take a few notes to relay back to your lady—but be prepared for a slap to the face if you do that.