People Shared Their Creepiest, Most Terrifying Experiences Ever And I'll Now Be Sleeping With One Eye Open Tonight

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Halloween is less than a week away, so while we all sit around and watch the scariest movies we can find on Netflix and other channels, the chill in the air has brought on spooky stories that are meant to keep us up at night.

And since I'm a sucker for a good scare, I took a peek at a recent Reddit thread that had people talking about the scariest, creepiest and most terrifying life experiences. To say I have goosebumps and wish I had my parents around to tuck me in tonight is an understatement.

  • "When I was about 12 years old, my family and I moved into an older duplex home on a quiet street in my hometown. The house itself was always unsettling to me, I rarely got a full nights sleep and would always be hesitant to go to the basement alone. Anyway, there was this patch of ground in the backyard where the grass didn't grow, we only lived in the house for a year, but during the summer and spring we were there the grass was dead, and you could not bring my dog to this patch of ground no matter how hard you tried, he was terrified and would have an absolute meltdown before he would set foot on the grass. After we moved out, I found out that where the grass didn't grow, there used to be a shed in which one of the previous residents shot himself in the head a few years prior. I still live in the same town and every time I pass by my old house it's all I can think about."

  • "When I was about 9 years old my family and I ended up moving into a house that was very haunted and had a lot negative energy. I had a lot of paranormal experiences prior to this, but I was pretty young and did not recognize it as such because I didn't believe in spirits. I just thought I had imaginary friends. One night I woke up and the room got really cold all of a sudden and the air got really still. I felt like I was being watched and I rolled over to see a fully black humanoid figure with piercing glowing blue eyes staring back at me. I always took comfort in being able to put my hand through anything that came to visit me that I found scary, but when I reached out to touch it - it was solid and so cold and stiff. I hide under the covers but I knew it was still watching me until sunrise. That was the scariest thing that ever happened to me."

  • "When I was three, my parents moved us into a new neighborhood. The house was nice, but kind of old. The neighborhood was an old 50's track home area, so it had a pretty varied group of people living there from older couples that had bought the houses new to young families looking for a cheap place to live to poor people looking for cheap houses to rent. As soon as we moved in, my dad started noticed weird things with me. He would hear me giggling and laughing in my room and whenever he went in and asked what was so funny, I would tell him that the kids were being funny. He would also come in to wake me up and find me curled up in the closest. This happened over and over again, but my parents didn't think much of it because I was a pretty imaginative kid. The thing that wigged them out the most was that I flat out refused to walk out the front door. I would scream and yell and cry until one of my parents carried me in and out of the house. When you walked in the front door, to the right there was a closet and to the left there was a low brick wall that separated the front door from the living room. It was about four feet high and about three feet long, just a room divider, but i never touched it or wanted to be near it. After we had lived there for a few months, my dad started making some renovations to the house. Among them was demolishing the wall. My parents dropped my brother and I off with our grandparents the day they were going to do it so that we wouldn't be underfoot. We didn't end up going home for a week. When my dad knocked down the wall, he called the police. Inside the brick wall were bones that turned out to be from children. The cops never did figure out who put them there. The house had been owned by a lot of people, many of them who had rented it out, so its just one of the many weird things that happened in my town that was never figured out."

  • "One night I was driving through a familiar low spot over a creek with some fog drifting across the road when out of nowhere I saw a disembodied pair of legs wearing faded jeans and those tan work boots cross the road in front of me. There was no torso, just legs. I hit the brakes and watched them go from one side to the other and disappear into the darkness. It was wild."

  • "One night when I was barely a teenager, I was at a friend's house. We were sitting on her bed by the window late at night, and I happened to catch sight of someone walking down the street in front of her house. Somehow her attention got drawn to him too. He was TALL, like towering over the bushes that lined the edge of her property along the road. He seemed to have a white/light t shirt on, but everything else about him was just dark and shadowy and featureless. He also seemed to be bobbing up and down drastically as he walked. I got the idea he was taking really big steps, like dipping down as he took a huge lunge/step forward, then rising way back up as his legs came back in line with each other. Despite this, with the window open, we couldn't hear him making a single sound. So being like 13, we sit there whispering about what we're seeing without taking our eyes off him and freaking ourselves out. Why can't we hear him? Why does his shirt seem so bright and the rest of him so dark? What is he doing walking down a small town middle-of-effectively-nowhere road at like 2am? And then he reached the edge of her property, and therefore the end of the line of those previously mentioned bushes. He keeps on walking down the road, with no god damn legs. He just ends at the bottom hem of his t shirt. We did not sleep that night."

  • "7 years ago when it was 6:00AM in the morning. It was winter, so the sun was still down and I was watching TV in my family room. Our walkway right next to the family room is made of wood. I nearly pissed myself when I could hear what sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor with boots. There was absolutely no one else on the main floor except me, and I clearly heard the steps moving from one area to another. Very freaky to think about, but fortunately since then I haven't had anything happen to me."

  • "I grew up on the navajo reservation. My mom owned a small house on the reservation when i grew up i decided to renovate her house. I was 19 at the time and thought i could do anything on my own. I took my German Shepherd puppy and drove 5 hours from central Arizona to northern Arizona towards window rock. It was on day 5 that i was there all alone in the middle of nowhere just painting, fixing things up when i decided to take a break. The house didn't have electricity so i had to use an extension cord from my aunts house that was a thousand feet away from mine. The house was shrouded by trees and at night i wad usually scared because i felt something was watching me. I lied down on the couch and turned the TV on which i had to disconnect the lamp from. I started watching a movie for an hour but realized i had to take my pup for a walk. I sat up and walked behind the couch to where my shoes were and noticed that sticking out of my sandals were two army glow Sticks that were arranged at the same angle. I took out the glow Sticks and knew that my dog hadn't done this. I walked my dog and grew increasingly terrified and i slowly realized that something had crawled behind the couch to put glow Sticks in my shoes while i was watching TV. The glow Sticks themselves were in two different rooms as i left them in my room and in the kitchen so I'd have some visibility the night before and forgot them there. The area that my mom grew up in has been known to have skinwalkers. I think that's what was in the house with me. That night i grabbed my things and my dog and i slept at my aunts house. Since then i haven't spent another night there alone and don't plan to."

  • "My younger brother had a friend who was into some unspecified sort of witchcraft, and once at her house he noticed a broken window covered in sheet plastic that had long slashes across it. He asked about the cuts, and his friend said she'd conjured something that was now trying to get at her. Being curious, my brother tried analyzing what kind of thing did it, like size, number of claws, etc. Knowing him, he probably said something flippant as well. In any event it seems this thing didn't get whatever respect it thought it deserved. My brother went home, then went to work. Later our mom came home and called him, asking "Why is every cup in the house full of ground glass? Every. Cup. In. The. House. Is upturned and filled with ground glass!" He didn't have an answer, and years later, when asked, our mom claims not to remember. But it accounts for a cup I found on an attic shelf when visiting home, filled with multi-colored shards of jagged broken glass from tiny pieces to several inches in length."

  • "3 friends and I were wandering around Bachelor's Grove (one of the most haunted cemeteries in America). We decided to dig deeper and walked into the woods, past the cemetery. There were rumors of cults and sacrifices, and a few weird spray paintings were on the trees. We ended up walking into swarms of flies and bugs. Deciding to turn back after being cut by thorns and bitten by bugs, we heard people talking behind us. So we ran deeper into the woods. Just then, there was the sound of a huge branch cracking. We stopped dead in our tracks expecting someone or a deer to walk out. Nothing did. We stopped and so did whoever was behind us. We ran through thick woods toward the sounds of the road, but we were super disoriented. We all heard people clearly whispering behind us but we could never see anyone. We ran through the thickest bushes, ended up getting poison ivy, but we finally made it to the main road about 1 mile from where we started. Don't fuck with the paranormal is the lesson learned."

Whether true, made up or just a figment of their imaginations, these things are worthy of a scary move of their own. And if you're up for being spooked even more, head on over to Reddit to check out the entire thread—but it may lead to pee running down your leg from fear.

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