12 Perfectly Timed Photos That Are Just Too Damn Funny

You know that feeling where you're posing for a picture—probably a selfie, let's be honest—and you just can't seem to capture a good one? Your eyes are closed, your face looks blurry, your hair's all F'ed up or, maybe even worse, there's someone behind you completely photobombing your unexpected ass.

Seriously, it's funny to think that, while most of us average Joes struggle to take a picture of ourselves,, there exists perfectly timed photos that simply boggle the mind.

In fact, it's scary to think about.

But, because random coincidences occur, we've gathered some of the most outrageous, random and perfect pictures that happened out of pure luck—and we can't stop laughing over them.

From people being unaware of their surroundings and standing in front of a sign to make it dirty as hell, to those who are just so oblivious to the fact that something's coming out from out of their, uh, "backside," we just can't get enough of these pics.

So, go ahead and continue trying to pose for that pic where you look so fresh and so clean that people will Like and Comment on it until the end of time—but it will never be as good as any of these perfectly timed pictures.