UFC President, Dana White On The Julian Marquez VS. Phil Hawes Fight: "The Most Vicious K.O. You Will Ever See"

Image Via Twitter/Danawhite

You know what's so great about being a writer for the internet? First and foremost, I get to share my ideas with likeminded individuals who are interested in creating important, worthwhile conversations. Secondly, I don't have to worry about GETTING KICKED IN THE FREAKING HEAD AND LOSING ALL CONSCIOUSNESS. Why, I ask you, would anyone in their right mind wake up one morning and say, "Yup, I'm going to be an MMA fighter." Yeah, yeah, I recognize it's incredibly dedicated work that requires all sorts of will power, physical training, yadda, yadda—give me a break. If I want to kill a couple thousand brain cells in one shot, I'll head to the local watering-hole and mainline some tequila.

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Clearly Julian Marquez and Phil Hawes don't share in my little sentiment, a fact of which, Phil Hawes might be seriously regretting at the moment. According to MMA Fighting

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"Opponent Phil Hawes used his potent wrestling to take the first round of their middleweight contest, so Marquez came out swinging in the second. He hurt Hawes badly, and after the two tumbled to the mat it looked like Marquez might score the finish via ground-and-pound or submission. Instead, Hawes fought his way up, a decision he would soon regret. Marquez lined up a nasty head kick that caught Hawes right on the chin, sending him plummeting facedown onto the canvas.'Can I kick it? Yes you can!' an excited Snoop Dogg said on color commentary."

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