A List Of Over 50 Apps With Money-Stealing Malware Was Recently Released

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Contrary to popular belief, nothing is safe on the internet/your smartphone — not your credit card information, not your social security number, not your family vacation pictures, and most definitely not your nudes. Everything, and we mean everything, is susceptible to hackers.

Hell, if HBO can get hacked in the name of new Game of Thrones episodes, what makes anyone think they would be exempt from the same fate? A new report by software company Check Point has been released showing every app that they've discovered to contain malicious, money-stealing malware.

"The affected apps were reported to Google Play in August and were removed, but the report said that more versions of it appeared again within days."

We've gotta say, it's pretty alarming in both numbers and popularity. Take a look at list below as per The Independent:

If You Have The Following Phone Apps, Delete Them ASAP:

We lost count after 50, to be honest. If nothing else, let this be a lesson that when it comes to downloading apps — less is more! You don't need freakin' 15 photo-editing programs, people.

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