Apple Has Been Secretly Categorizing Your Pictures (Yes, Even The Nudes) Since Last Year

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Technology, man. It's getting scarier and scarier by the minute and this recent unearthing of Apple's photo recognition software definitely fits the bill. On Monday, Twitter user, ellieeewbu posted about a slightly disconcerting iPhoto feature she discovered. Shortly thereafter, Chrissy Teigen took it upon herself to test out ellieeewbu's newfound research. While most men don't wear brassieres, man boobs or otherwise, the ladies are very much effected by this feature and needless to say, they aren't too pleased.

Take a look at the evidence below. We're not saying Apple singled out boobs, but we're not saying they didn't single out boobs.

So, what's the freakin' explanation? It couldn't possibly be that some bored Apple developer thought this would be funny, right? Right! Theres a very technical explanation for the Brassiere recognition and thankfully, it absolves Apple (mostly) from being a bunch of perverts. According to The Verge:

"Image recognition was introduced with iOS 10 in June 2016, when the Photos app was updated with deep learning for object and scene detection. Apple stressed during the keynote, as well as on its website, that all object detection is done completely locally on the device."

In less-technical speak, Apple introduced photo recognition nearly a year ago to be able to detect thousands of different objects, scenes, and facial expressions in iPhoto. The reason people are just noticing now is due to an iOS 11 update that strengthened artificial intelligence, as per Motherboard.

What remains unsettling is the point Chrissy T brings up above. If photo recognition is so advanced, why doesn't it recognize penis? Not that we want a folder of dick picks or anything, but, still — equality and what not. At the very least, food should be recognized. We want pizza folders, Apple, and we want them now.

You can read the full list of Apple's photo recognition here.

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