Lawyer-Turned-Model, Pia Muehlenbeck, Looks So Stunning In Latest Bikini Pics It Should Be Illegal

Can we all take a minute to imagine walking into a courtroom to be arraigned for something ridiculous, like, we don't know, say, drunkenly peeing on a sidewalk or stealing hummus from the supermarket, only to find the ever-stunning Pia Muehlenbeck doing her lawyer thing? We don't think we'd be able to focus on much else, let alone give a crap about our future criminal record —"Uh, sorry, Mr. Judge, sir, what did you say? No, no, not ignoring you, just a little, erm, distracted." Needless to say, Pia Muehlenbeck is one of our favorite Instagram models, ever.

Considering that most of us don't find ourselves in courtrooms all too often, we think that we can all agree that we're very happy with Pia's career pivot from law to looking sexy as hell on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, this lovely lady has amassed 2 million followers over a fairly short period of time and it's surely not difficult to see why. The 26-year-old most recently showed off her ridiculous curves in what appears to be a professional bikini photoshoot. Although, to be fair, with a body like that, we wouldn't be surprised if she just galavanted around with photographers following her for fun!

With some proper research, we discovered that Muehlenbeck has a namesake website where you can access all of her of social media accounts from Snapchat to Twitter. Another discovery on her website, albeit unfortunate, was that she's married. Eh, not a deal breaker for us, what about you guys? Totally joking, by the way! She looks happy, healthy, and in love! Sigh, if nothing else, we're just a little jealous, OK? We're going to soften the blow with some stunning photos of Pia, we suggest y'all do the same. Enjoy!

Lead Image Via Instagram/piamuehlenbeck

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