7 Things That Actress Pilar Holland Wants You To Know

After watching Beverly Hills: 90210 as a kid, it was clear that Pilar Holland had one goal in mind; become an actress. So, rather than sit around and dream about one day starring on TV shows and in movies, Pilar went out and achieved what she set out to do, and now has credits in popular shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and was just on FOX's new series, 9-1-1. Talk about doing something once you put your mind to it, huh?

Quite the talent who has seen her acting career grow over the past several years, setting herself up for a monster 2018, Pilar Holland also happens to be quite the attraction herself! With stunning looks and a smile that could singlehandedly light up a small country, the brunette would be a catch for any man. And, after talking to her, it only takes a few simple things for a guy to win her heart. Hint: Make her flash that smile.


We got the chance to sit down with Pilar to talk about a few different things — including her career and what she's ultimately looking for in a guy. Walking away from the convo, it's clear that our crush on the woman has grown exponentially, and we've got a good feeling she'll have the same effect on you after reading the seven things that Pilar Holland wants you to know about her.

  1. I'm Mexican, Japanese And White. People always assume that I speak Spanish… but I don’t speak it… or Japanese! But, why do people only get mad that I don’t speak Spanish? Why can’t people be mad that I don’t speak Japanese? Why does the Japanese in me get left out? It just isn’t right. I wish I was trilingual, but my family never taught me. So, take me as I am, a mixed mutt who only speaks white.

  2. My Most Memorable Performance Is.... The first time I felt confident on stage was when I was in a production of The Vagina Monologues as “The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy.” My character described 20 different kinds of orgasms with just women… and yes, I orgasmed on stage. 20 times. Each was different. My favorite moan was the “the almost moan.” It was a “circling” sound. You know, like you’re almost there. And, yes, in case you’re wondering; all of family came to support me. Christmas has never been the same.

  3. Here's Something For The Directors. I love it when a director connects with you. I’ve had so many great experiences, and I loved working with Tom Verica on Scandal, Tony Wharmby on NCIS, but working this past January with Noah Baumbach on his latest feature, alongside Adam Driver, was an experience unlike any other. It was my second feature film, but it was a true collaboration and for that I am so grateful. We played around and everybody was just trying to help each other, whether it was the actor helping the DP (director of photography), the camera op serving the director, etc. I thought it was so special that Noah didn’t allow phones on set and it truly allowed us all as artist to connect, collaborate and focus on the work.

  4. I Love Anything With Pork. I know, it sounds weird. I love anything pork, really, but I'm trying to be a vegetarian. Pork is just so yummy. I love making my Spam super thin and crispy and charred. I don’t do it that often now, but it was something I loved growing up. Now I’ve upgraded to prosciutto, salami and really fancy smoked bacon sandwiches. Gimme a BLT and I’m yours.

  5. The Key To My Heart Is.... I dated a guy and I loved it when he brought coffee to my bedside in the mornings. I would just be stirring awake and I would hear him get out of bed to make me a cup of joe with some almond milk. The fact that he did this without asking before I woke up meant the world.

  6. My Biggest Turn-On. I live in L.A., and there are gorgeous men for miles. They’re great to look at, but not a whole lot of them can make me laugh. The biggest turn on for me is a man who can make me laugh. I also love it when a guy has the confidence to call me out on my mistakes. Laughter, in general, is good for me, though. Laughter makes me feel alive.

  7. What I Ultimately Want In A Man. Someone who can hold their own, but also be confident enough to let me be my own. Bonus points if he opens the door for me and walks on the outside of the sidewalk when we are walking down a street together. Chivalry is not dead.

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