Pole-Dancing Might Be Coming To The Olympics And Yep, That's A-OK With Us

Disclaimer: if you happen to be a petty sports snob, you might want to stop reading now. We know all you purists out there think the only "real" sports on the block involve a ball, but we're here to tell you that's just a bunch of BS — especially when it comes to pole-dancing. Now, it's safe to say that most of y'all reading have been to a strip club a time or two, right? Right! So you have no problem in admitting that pole-dancing is incredibly rigorous, yeah? We mean, c'mon, could YOU do it? It's a freakin' sport if we've ever seen on and it seems that others are finally starting to agree. According to The Washington Post:

"Pole-dancing now stands on its own as a provisionally recognized sport thanks to the Global Association of International Sports Federation, which granted the activity’s international governing federation “observer status” earlier this month."

The Global Association of international Sports Federation came by this decision after a simple evaluation of everything that pole-dancing entails. After reading the following description, you might start to realize just how legit pole-dancing is. From their website:

"Pole Sports requires great physical and mental exertion, strength and endurance are required to lift, hold and spin the body. A high degree of flexibility is needed to contort, pose, demonstrate lines and execute techniques.”

Now that pole-dancing as officially been made a sport, what's next? Well, as it turns out — The Olympics! Don't get too excited just yet, this process takes an awfully long time. The Washington Post continues:

"Prospective sports must also gain separate recognition from the International Olympic Committee. Provisional IOC recognition lasts three years, during which committee members decide whether to give it full recognition. If successful, the sport’s governing body still needs to then petition to become an official Olympic sport, which can take several more years."

Well, that's still a pretty big feat in our book and it must feel good for all those pole-dancing ladies out there to finally gain the recognition they deserve. Remember, we're not talking about stripping here and hell, even if we were — those women are in far better shape than half the bums reading this post.


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