PornHD Employees Answered A Bunch Of Random, Hilarious Questions About Their Jobs

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We work at a pretty cool place, you guys. Considering we stare at hot women all day, find funny things online, get to interview a bunch of interesting people and, of course, write about topics that are both fun and entertaining, we pinch ourselves every single morning before coming into the office.

That said, as great as our jobs are, it'd be pretty wild to say you work at PornHD, which is, arguably, the biggest online adult film site on the planet.

Since most of us will (probably) never know what it's actually like to work in the porn industry, a few employees from PornHD decided to host a Reddit AMA, allowing people to ask just about anything they wanted to see what being around sex all day in the office place is really like.

Do you get random boners while working?

  • Yes. Definitely. Random and on purpose. You simply can't help.

What counts as NSFW at your office?

  • Ha, that’s an interesting one. Fantasy Sports maybe… can get you pretty much addicted. Other than that, there’s obviously not a lot.

Which is more popular - boobs or bottoms?

  • According to our stats: Butts before Boobs. According to our team: 50/50.

Does the job affect your "regular" dose of porn (do you watch less porn at home)? Did your "tastes" evolve as a direct result of your daily duties?

  • Mostly the “regular” dose increased - it’s probably natural if you’re exposed to porn throughout the day. Also the scope of interests widened for most of us - there’s stuff none of us even knew before so it’s like being in a huge super-market with a lot of exotic choices: You won’t like ‘em all but you sure try.

Is your workplace really professional, or do you guys joke around and hit each other with dildos?

  • Initially most of us thought it’s gonna involve dildo hitting or at least there will be Cleanex boxes all over the place. The truth is, it’s actually quite “real” work - sometimes maybe even too real with all those close-ups involved. But yes, you have to be professional - the competition is huge and only the hard-working survive.

If you have children, do you keep them away from sites such as yours? Do they know you work for a Pornsite?

  • Some of us do have children and yes, for the time their age is not suitable we keep them away from such sites - to our best effort, as all responsible parents (hopefully) do. Most of our kids know that we work in “online” - which is also the standard answer to our parents.

Are the kids disappointed that they cannot have a "Take your kid to work day"?

  • Actually their moms prefer to not have them come in for such occasions. This is where it gets tricky to explain. Mostly we add "confidential stuff" to "online business" if asked about our jobs.

Do you feel desensitized to porn after spending most of your time around it?

  • There’s definitely some kind of desensitization but mostly at work itself. There are situations where several people gather in front of a screen to check out something product related and we focus so much on the specific detail that only after a few minutes we actually notice that there’s quite some action going on in front of us. There was also this one time where we had a product launch party in the office and we had a catering that we forgot to inform about our business. So we had this big screen running in the background showing the new features etc. and while we were busy eating our hors d'oeuvres one of us figured that the catering guys actually stopped working and kept starring. Privately we'd say that most of us are still true to our spirit: We like porn!

Is or was porn addiction ever discussed at your office?

  • It is a topic, yes. We had one employee in the past where you could have assumed he was addicted in a way that he was suffering because of it. We mutually agreed in the best interest of everyone that he should be seeking for another professional field. Addiction in general is a complex field.

So, yeah, being around porn all day long seems like it would be an awesome job, but the whole "desensitization" to it—which is something we've talked about before—is a little bit of a turnoff for our personal tastes. Hey, what can we say, we like watching the stuff... just not to the point where it becomes fantasy.

To see the entire thread, head on over to Reddit.

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