Pornhub Reveals The Shocking Physical Traits That Women Desire Most In Men

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When it comes to, "what women want" I don't think most men have the slightest clue. I mean, we can make assumptions and take our best stab at it, but at the end of the the only answer that comes to mind is, "who the hell knows?"

That's more about the emotional stuff though. You know, what they want in a man's character. When it comes to what they want in a man physically, that's easy, right? Tall, dark and handsome, as they say. Well, not so much according to Pornhub.

A Pornhub representative sat down with The Daily Star to detail his findings on women's porn search patterns:

“The most popular porn searched by women is ‘lesbian’ and has been for several years."

Oh, well, in that case, women aren't lusting men at all, they're lusting after other women. No problem with that, we totally understand. That's all?

Not exactly, he continues:

“Women searching for men of a particular type generally will use terms like ‘big d***’ or ‘black/ebony.'"

Additionally he makes mention specifically of "body type" searches:

"But the male body types ladies lusted after were “hairy” and “daddy."

Hairy isn't so hard to pull off, not too sure about "daddy" though. That may take some further investigation.

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