For $3,000 A Month You Can Ride Around In 22 Different Porsches (BRB, Robbing A Bank)

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If you had to guess, what would you say every man's dream is? Too walk on the moon? Eh, not so much. To swim in an endless sea of beautiful women? Eh, getting warmer. To drive an 22 different luxury sports cars every month? Ding, ding, ding we have a winner! Fortunately for y'all, the former isn't just a pipe dream anymore. With the new Porsche Passport you can do exactly that! Of course, it doesn't come cheap but, hell — we'd sacrifice buying groceries for a month or two for a deal like this!


The premise is simple — you pay a flat rate every month and in return you have an entire fleet or Porsches at your disposal. According to "Road Show" by CNET:

"There are two tiers. The $2,000 per month "Launch" package lets you choose from eight different model variants, including the 718 Boxster and Cayman, Macan S and Cayenne. Spring for the $3,000 per month "Accelerate" package, and that expands to 22 variants, including the Panamera 4S, 911 Carrera S and Cayenne S E-Hybrid."

Not to be crass, but that's a boner-worthy offer if we've ever seen one! 22 different state of the art, sexy as hell vehicles to ride around town in? Yes, please! In order to become a member, all you have to do is download the Porsche Passport app and pay a singular $500 activation fee. Following a routine background and credit card check, you're golden!

The monthly rate is inclusive of tax, registration, insurance, maintenance and detailing. The best part? There's no limit on the number of swaps you can make in a month. Oh, and no mileage limitation to boot. Cross-country road trip, anyone? We think hell yes!

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