The Bedroom Positions Men Are Most Intimidated By, As Per Study

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Believe it or not, there are certain positions in the bedroom that men just aren't comfortable doing! We're pretty sure the common assumption is that most dudes are down for whatever permitting the lady is consenting and there's a condom involved. Turns out, that couldn't be further from truth and this comprehensive sex study from Superdrug Online Doctor is most definitely proof.

They surveyed 1,000 Europeans and Americans to see what can make sex so nerve-wracking rather than pleasure-inducing. From their sense of adventure when the lights are off to their feelings on sex toys and sexual scenarios, they wanted to find out what most men and women are uncomfortable with in bed. For the purposes of sharing with y'all, we focused specifically on sex positions. After all, we can't be certain everyone is bringing vibrators into the bedroom, but we can be certain that sex is occurring in one way or another.

Most Preferred Sex Positions (By Gender)

Leave it to women to really know what men want and leave it to men to have absolutely no clue. The majority of women said they thought 69-ing, oral sex, and anal were better pleasures for their partners and men typically agreed. An unfortunate oral sex statistic proved women may be twice as likely to perform oral sex as men. C'mon, guys, really? Shouldn't sex be give and* get?

Least Preferred Sex Positions (By Gender)

For men and women, the most potentially uncomfortable sexual position turned out to be the same: 69 while standing. To be fair, that seems like a totally acceptable position to be intimidated by. Really, who has that kind of stamina? Following standing 69, men were most intimidated by anal sex (or back door sex, should you prefer the PG term) and a kneeling wheelbarrow. Overall, pretty understandable! A kneeling wheelbarrow is one of the more difficult Kama Sutra sex positions, for those of you who just like to keep it old school.

To read the full study, head on over to Superdrug Online Doctor.

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