Before "Going Downtown" 40% Of People Say They Have One Priority, Study Shows

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When it comes to oral sex, you may be under the assumption that there's not a whole lot that would prevent people from doing the deed. Well, turns out, there is. Even if you're caught up in a hot and heavy moment, this study shows that 40% of people will put a halt on the action if this ONE thing hasn't been taken care of.

According to the Daily Star—A new survey by Sapio quizzed over 2,000 people about relationship deal breakers and sexual no-nos."

Turns out that a staggering 39.4% of people said it’s “never OK to be unclean before oral sex” and that you should always jump in the shower before going down.

Hm, I'm not too sure how I feel about that statistic. I mean, if anything it shows politeness and consideration and obviously, attention to proper hygiene, but just how rank are we talking? It seems a little much to shower every single time before you give or receive oral sex. Sure, if you've just gotten back from biking The Tour de France in compression-tight underwear, 100% wash your Johnson or lady bits, but if you haven't been doing too much physical activity, no sense in getting your panties in a bunch.

Additionally, there were a few other interesting stats Sapio had to offer that might be of interest to all you sexually active folks out there—

Not going to lie, it seems the 2,000 people surveyed don't really know how to let loose and have a little fun! But hey, at least they're clean.

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