What You Should Be Drinking Before A Night Out And How Much (According To 1,000 Americans)

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In almost any other context, pregaming is completely illogical. Think about it, would you eat a meal before going out to dinner? Unless you have the appetite of Attila The Hun, we're thinking that's a solid no. Why is it then, people feel compelled to drink before they go out to — F'in drink? It's definitely not a healthy practice, but certainly one that's continued to remain popular in college towns across The U.S. for quite some time. Hell, people pregame well into their adulthood with zero shame and frankly, perhaps it's time to reevaluate that behavior a little bit. What do you guys say, want to find out just how much damage you're doing to your body?

Alcohol.org asked over 1,000 Americans how much they drank before going out and why they did it. They even looked at which pregame alcohol was most likely to lead to negative experiences.

Why People Pregame

You'd think the main reason behind pregaming would be to save money, but, nope! Nearly three-quarters of Americans pregamed before going out because they wanted to have more fun. While we understand that logic, that's hardly ever the case. The harder you pregame, the harder you fall...halfway into the freakin' night out.

How Many People Pregame

The fact nearly 40% of people pregame for a holiday gathering with family is both slightly concerning. Y'all really need to booze to deal with your family? Then again, we suppose it makes a lot of sense — especially if you have to spend the entire time explaining why you're single for yet another Christmas dinner.

The Best/Worst Types Of Alcohol To Pregame With

We don't think anyone is surprised by these statistics, but let's go ahead and reiterate them for good measure — more than a third of people who’d had a negative experience pregaming said tequila was their primary beverage at the time. Whiskey (29 percent), vodka, and beer (26 percent each) followed as drinks that could be more likely to lead to poor experiences compared to drinks like wine (13 percent).

#ProTip: Tequila = the devil's alcohol. To be frank, just avoid it all costs — unless you're on a beach in the middle of Mexico, tequila is never "appropriate". As a rule, the older you get, the less reason we see for pregaming. All of the college allure to binge drinking has to fall by the wayside eventually, right? Here's hoping!

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