You Can Reduce Your Chances Of Prostate Cancer By 33% With A Few Simple 'Strokes'

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Frankly speaking, masturbation is a pretty healthy impulse to begin with — unless you were raised in an Irish Catholic household, as an example. Anyway, the fact that it reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer is really just an added bonus. Of course, I can't very well throw out a statement like that without backing it up with a little something-something. That something-something being medical data.

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According to Medical Daily as per a study European Urology

"There's a link between how much men masturbate and their likelihood of developing prostate cancer. A total of 21 orgasms a month, either by having lots of sex or jerking off, can reduce the risk of disease by 33 percent."

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I don't know about you guys, but 33% reduction JUST by jerking off?! I mean, c'mon, is there even a question? You should stop reading and go masturbate right now. Well, wait give me a few minutes. I've got some more necessary supporting data for ya'll—

"Approximately 32,000 men were surveyed on their number of orgasms as researchers tracked those who developed prostate cancer over the course of decades. The study was a 10-year follow-up on questions answered on ejaculation frequency in 1992 and followed through to 2010. Average monthly ejaculation frequency was assessed during three periods: age 20–29; age 40–49; and the year before the questionnaire was distributed."

Pretty solid focus group, plenty of diversity, substantial follow-up time. Things keep getting better and better. Continue, please.

"The researchers concluded daily masturbation throughout adulthood had a protective effect against prostate cancer. These findings echo results from a 2008 Harvard study that found there was no increased risk of prostate cancer related to age of ejaculation, but benefits increased as men aged. Yet, other studies have found men experience a reduced risk of prostate cancer if they frequently masturbated during young adulthood."

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Alrighty, so technically speaking, there's mixed theories on the matter. What else is new? Is there ANYTHING that's universally agreed upon in the medical community aside from cigarettes being bad for you? No, not really. Conflicting findings/research is what breeds and eventual cure, so bring it on! In the mean time, keeping wacking off, guys.

To read the full study, head HERE