Pro Snowboarder Aimee Fuller's Guide To Winning At Life

Aimee Fuller is cool. Very, very cool.

She looks like that cute girl you hung out with on your gap year, but hits those slopes like nobody you’ve ever met. Ever. This Team GB/Red Bull snowboarder should probably be your best friend. Or our best friend.

And luckily for us, Aimee has decided to offer some wise words on how to break from the mould and become the best bloomin' so-and-so that you can possibly be...

It’s all about getting out there and facing your fear. It’s the same for recovering from disappointment. I take one-step back, reassess, and then go do it.

Travelling so much is hard. It’s not fun to leave your family and friends, and I can’t go out and drink much – but that’s the sacrifice I make for success. This job is taking me places, and that’s down to commitment.

Setbacks are hard. I had a really tough time in the lead up to the Olympics with three different injuries. Initially I just bottled it up, but I soon found out that talking to people helped. You’ve got to share your journey.

My headphones are my stress relief. General exercise and fitness has helped me as well. If you’re going to get angry at something, make it some weights.

Every chance you get, try something new. It will motivate you to keep going and keep pushing yourself. That’s what keeps it exciting for me.

Goal-setting has to be realistic. I think it’s good to have a long-term and a short-term goal. You need to break life down into bite-sized pieces.

The odd hateful message online really doesn’t faze me. You just block it and ignore it. Only listen to the positive stuff.

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