5 Simple Workout Secrets You Never Even Knew About

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Upgrade your training and crack the code to a better body with these muscle-boosting, time-saving workout secrets which the gym bros have been hiding from you—until now.

1. Unleash Your Inner Rage

Kicking off your workout with aggressive exercises like medicine ball slams or 90-second sprint intervals can spike your levels of muscle-building testosterone—a naturally-produced hormone essential for muscle growth. This rage-busting warm-up will max your workout gains and detonate pent-up stress at the same time. Add a dose of USN 19 Anabol Testo capsules to support your testosterone levels and optimize your training.

2. Become An Eccentric

You didn’t realize it, but you’re much stronger when lowering weights (the ‘eccentric’ movement) than raising them (the ‘concentric’ movement). So next time you’re doing biceps curls, lower the dumbbells slowly—for up to 10 seconds—to enjoy rapid gains in strength and muscle mass. Reward yourself with a USN Protein Mousse—it contains 15g of protein and just 0.3g of fat for a guilt-free muscle boost.

3. Get High

High-intensity interval training sessions—like spinning classes or hardcore bodyweight circuits—don’t just torch calories during the 40 minutes you’re working out. They increase your metabolic rate for 24 hours so you will still be zapping extra calories when you’re lying in bed watching the footy later. Power up with USN Creatine Monohydrate, which can enhance your performance during high-intensity sweatfests.

4. Send Your Muscles Into Hyper-Drive

‘Hypertrophy’ is the fancy word boffins use to describe muscle growth. And the scientific secret to triggering it is not lifting massive weights or doing zillions of reps but ‘progressive overload’: that just means lifting slightly heavier weights every week to launch your body’s musculoskeletal system into growth mode. Two scoops of USN Pure Protein GF-1 will give you 40g of protein to help feed your beefed-up muscles.

5. Start Bricking It

Fitness hipsters never waste an hour on the treadmill. They do ‘brick’ sessions, alternating between the rowing machine, treadmill and cross-trainer every 3-4 minutes for half an hour. This clever routine shares the workload across different muscles so you can train twice as hard in half the time. A USN B4-Bomb pre-workout drink contains L-arginine Nitrate which increases time to exhaustion so you always last the distance.

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