5 Ways To Get Ripped Without Ever Stepping Foot In A Gym

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It’s the ultimate health and fitness dilemma — you want to look ripped in shorts and a T-shirt once it gets warm out, but you don’t want to waste any of your well-deserved beer-garden time stuck in a sweaty gym. With this five-step outdoor action plan, you can torch fat and sculpt muscle in the fresh air for the fittest life you've ever lived.

  1. Grow beach-ready abs in your back garden with four circuits of bicycle crunches, side planks and leg raises (30 secs per exercise). Guzzling USN B4-Bomb pre-workout drink—available in Lime & Lemonade or Pineapple Punch flavor—before you train will give you a dose of L-arginine Nitrate. This increases your exhaustion limit, so you always power to the finish.

  2. Use a park bench to knock out 3 x 10 sets of elevated press-ups and triceps dips, then finish your upper-body blitz with 3 x 12 sets of biceps curls using a log or rock. A sip of USN B4-Bomb will arm you with AgmaPure—an agmatine sulfate supplement that increases nitric oxide production for maximum muscle-pump.

  3. Armed with just a medicine ball and an inner-city park or basketball court, you can nail an urban conditioning circuit of overhead slams, jump squats and shoulder presses that will tone muscle and zap fat—without subjecting yourself to dodgy gym soundtracks.

  4. Prepare your legs for summer shorts by doing 3 x 10 weighted lunges, squats and calf raises (on a curb or step) while wearing a weighted backpack. A pre-workout hit of USN B4-Bomb contains pycnogenol, which boosts blood flow to your muscles so you never trudge home early.

  5. Swap the treadmill for the tarmac and turbo-charge your fat-shredding interval sessions with USN B4-Bomb—it contains TeaCrine, which cranks up your energy levels and boosts mental motivation. Upgrading your jogs with 10 bursts of 30-second sprints will torch blubber for a sculpted summer physique.

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