Promotion: When Is The Best Time To Take Protein?

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If you’re anything like us, your protein intake is sporadic at best. Just popped out 30 press-ups? Best have a shake. Hit 
30 tricep dips while waiting for lunch? Protein for afters, then. Ran home 
in record time? Pass the protein.

But what if we’ve been doing it all wrong? Is there a better way? Luckily, former marine and head of strength and conditioning at Gloucester Rugby Paddy Anson (above) is on hand with a breakdown of a pro-rugby player’s training and protein routine – working with their nutrition partner USN – to inspire your workouts. Get stuck in.


“Injured players do a rehab swim, then take a USN R3-Excell protein shake to aid recovery.”


“The other players come 
in and run through their training markers, focusing on grid strengths, jump height and other basics.”


“Breakfast is a three-egg omelette with spinach, broccoli and lean ham or chicken.”


“Half the players do weights while the others practise line-outs, attacking and defensive positions. They’ll have had 20-30g 
of protein, with more in the fridge.”


“Lunch consists of anything from a lean beef casserole to fish pie. Whatever the protein, 
it’ll be accompanied by butternut squash, broccoli, carrots and quinoa.”


“Another training session, followed by a USN 100% Premium Whey snack at 3.45pm, tailored to the player. Some need to put on weight, others need to maintain it, depending on their body type and metabolism. They can mix it with fruits or nuts, with a milk, oat 
or water base.”


“Recovery massage 
time, then home.”


“Our nutritionist will discuss what the players should eat for dinner, depending on what’s coming up on the schedule.”


“The last – and most important – thing the players do before bed is take a USN Casein Night Time Protein shake to aid 
their bodies while they sleep. Then it’s an early start and the same again!”